I’m a world traveler and a lifelong learner.  I started traveling when I was 20 and I haven’t stopped since then.  I have lived and worked in Israel, Korea, Hungary and Mexico.  I have traveled with my husband, Steve, for the past 40 years and I have traveled alone several times throughout my adult life and I was fortunate to have a career that afforded me opportunities to travel the world.  When I’m not traveling I live on an Island off the coast of Portland, Maine where we raised our two sons.  I have three wonderful and spirited grandchildren.  During my four years in Korea I had a blog, Overseasoversixty, and now that I’m in my 70’s I started my new blog 70over70, going 70 miles an hour while over 70 years old .  For the past several months I have lived life in a van, traveling across the USA.  In May we return to our Island community and plan our next adventure.   

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